Monroe Township

Holmes County, Monroe Township

The Monroe Township area was settled in 1811 by David T. Finney, a native of New Jersey. The township was officially organized on June 8, 1825; approximately six months after the formation of Holmes County on January 4, 1825. Although Monroe township does not contain any incorporated towns, both Welcome and Paint Valley are well-known communities still in existence today. These communities consist of small acreage lots purchased by early setters. “The lots were never laid out, filed or recorded as a town.” according to the book Holmes County Ohio to 1985. More detailed information about Monroe Township can be found in the book Holmes County Ohio to 1985. The book is located in the Genealogy and Local History Room at the Central Library in Millersburg.

Monroe Township Cemeteries

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  1. BabRhetta Kauffman Maxwell says:

    Trying to locate a grave for Elizabeth Rizor. She was living in Monroe Twp. Holmes Co. in 1850, she was 64 years old, her husband was Abraham who was 74 at the time, They were living with their son Abraham, Jr. and wife margaret, ‘I think Elizabeth died there. The rest of the family moved to Knoxville, Marion, Iowa in 1854, Elizabeth is not there and it states Abraham, Sr. is a widow.

    Any help that you might find is greatly appreciated.

    Please email me at [email protected] I do not check these boards often.


    BabRhetta Kauffman Maxwell

  2. David Weise says:

    Thanks for the cemetery listings. I was able to locate some relatives in the Monroe Lutheran Cemetery listing.

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