About Us

It was a brainstorming session gone awry. What started out as a sharing of ideas to bring local history and genealogy content to patrons in a fun, informative way via the World Wide Web soon took a turn toward the macabre when someone suggested centering the content around cemeteries. Cemeteries?! Hmmm, maybe there’s something to that idea. So we began to think more seriously about using graveyards as a catalyst for providing local history and genealogy information. As the idea grew, we thought – why not?  And so the “Grave Adventures of the Holmes County Library Ladies” was born.

Our Mission:

To create a venue using multi-media formats as a way to inform and educate local history and genealogy researchers as well as the general public about Holmes County cemeteries.

  • To digitally film cemeteries in each township, highlighting citizens with historical prominence.
  • To discuss cemetery rules and regulations.
  • To discuss cemetery safety and etiquette.
  • To create a web presence for each cemetery location.
  • To create a school curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade students that utilizes the Ohio Academic Content Standards.
  • To create a virtual experience for viewers who may not be able to visit cemetery locations.