Berlin Township

Holmes County, Berlin TownshipJacob Troyer has the distinction of being the first settler in what was to become Berlin Township in 1812. In 1820 the township was organized by two gentlemen – John Swigert, a native of Berlin, Germany and Joseph Troyer from Berlin, Pennsylvania. Due to the similarity of the Holmes County landscape to their homelands, the township, as well as the Village of Berlin, was named.

More information about Berlin Township and the Village of Berlin can be found on pages 181-182  in the book “Holmes County Ohio to 1985″ (c) 1985 by the Holmes County History Book Committee. The book is located in the Local History and Genealogy Room at the Central Library in Millersburg.

Berlin Township Cemeteries

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  1. William Logan Fry says:

    My Great-Great-Grandfaterher, Levi Stahl, is buried in Bunker Hill Cemetery. He in fact built the Dunkard Church of Bunker Hill, but I do not have a date. Could anyone tell me where the cemetery is located, and whether they have any information on Levi Stahl, barn builder, carpenter and shoemaker?

    • scorl says:

      Hello, William,

      The Bunker Hill Cemetery is in Berlin Township. You can find a listing for it on the cemetery site under the township tab. The cemetery is located at the corner of County Road 77 and County Road 168 in Berlin Township.

      • Thank you for the information. My brother, Jim, was in Bunker Hill yesterday and did not find it, although he may not have known where to look. I’ve looked on Google Maps, and can’t see anything that looks like a cemetery on that corner. On which corner of 77 and 168 is it located? And are the headstones still there?

        My brother also learned that the old Bunker Hill Church had been used more recently as a storage shed. He was told it was in the NE corner of 77 and 62, but was torn down last year for road improvements. It’s too bad we did not know at the time, since Jim is looking for a small, old church to move to the Western Reserve Museum of Farms and Equipment.

        Finally, do you know if any old pictures of the church, or new pictures of the “storage building,” exist?

        Here is a little more about Levi Stahl, and some Dunkard / Brethren churches:

        If you have any corrections or additions, I would be very grateful.

  2. Sherilyn Troyer Marshall says:

    I was almost positive that my grandparents were buried at Bunker Hill Cemetary. I checked your listing and didn’t find their names. My grandmother, Lucy D. Troyer died in the 1940’s and my grandfather, Moses S. Troyer in 1960.

    Is this list comprehensive? It was surprising to not see any Troyers listed. I am wanting to try and find their graves this fall. Thank you.

  3. scorl says:

    Hello Sherilyn,

    They are buried in the Swartzentruber Cemetery in Berlin Twp. I tried to find it on the map, but it is not listed, and our cemetery book does not list the location. If I find out where it is located, I will let you know.


    • Sherilyn says:

      Thank you, Susan, for your information. I just today saw your response from last year. I was able to visit Holmes County this past week. I visited the Millersburg library and looked through some of their genealogy records. I also tried to find the Swartzentruber Cemetery as you suggested. I drove lots of roads and never could find it. The library assistant tried to find it on a map of Berlin Twp. — and it looked like it was on the corner of Rt. 369 and either 371 or 372. I even asked some locals and they did not know of a cemetery near there.
      If you know the location of the cemetery, I would appreciate any information.
      Sherilyn Troyer Marshall

      • scorl says:

        Hello Sherilyn,

        Sorry I missed you. We have several of those small cemeteries that no one has heard of, or that have just been neglected for so long that the stones are no longer visible. I’ll try to get to this one soon.

        Thanks for posting.

  4. mWEAVERm says:

    not sure if helps you, but my Grandparents live on (Weaver Ridge) County Road 168. I faintly remember a small, hidden cemetery in the NW corner of 77 & 62, up on the hill of course under some trees. it was just over the hill from Township Road 369. the closest address I can give you is 4509 U.S. 62, Millersburg…

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