Ripley Township

Holmes County, Ripley TownshipRipley Township was settled mainly by Scotch-Irish settlers from Western Pennsylvania and Virginia.  The first person to purchase land in this area was Isaac Newkirk, who came through originally with the Col. Crawford campaign in 1782.  Big Prairie is a village in this township and O’Dells lake is located int he northwest corner.  Two of the oldest churches, Hopewell Presbyterian and Bigelow Church, are located in Ripley Township.

Source: Holmes County Heirs, Sept/Oct 1989

Ripley Township Cemeteries

4 Responses to Ripley Township

  1. Lisa Shank says:

    I am looking for any information that you may have on Morehead Church Cemetery.
    Do you by chance have a list of the interments?
    If not do you have any information as to where I can obtain this information.

    thank you for your time
    Lisa Shank

    • mskolmutch says:

      Hi Lisa,

      We have a listing for a Morehead Cemetery which is listed in the Holmes County Cemetery book. The book was compiled in 1970 so the listings are not up-to-date. We are working on digitizing the lists and hope to post many of the cemeteries online, but it is a slow process. You can keep watch on our website or stop by the Central Library in Millersburg to obtain the list of Morehead Cemetery.


  2. Craig says:

    Do you have any idea of why/how was this cemetery was once know as Joe Boley Cemetery?

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