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meI can’t believe it’s been four years since we started this website. It started as a way to get information gathered about the cemeteries in Holmes County and grew to something a little bigger than we expected.

Michele and I formed the Grave Adventures of the Holmes County Library Ladies and had a great time visiting and filming the various cemeteries.  We met some wonderful people along the way, like Father Semonin, who does Calmoutier genealogy research.

I am retiring on May 29th, so this is my last post to this website.  Michele has many projects and work she must do in the Children’s Department, so we are also retiring the Grave Ladies.  Perhaps the staff member who takes my place will want to continue the project, but since it was an interest of mine, I can’t guarantee a continuation of the project.

The site is closed for now, but there is plenty of information here for researchers to use in the future.

Thanks for using the site, and I hope you find what you need here.

Best of luck with your research,


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2 Responses to My Last Post

  1. I will definitely miss your posts, and would like those at the Holmes County Library to know that it is hoped that whoever replaces Susan will find a way to continue the interesting cemetery visit videos that were produced and enjoyed by so many. Thank you for your wonderful work, Susan!

    • scorl says:

      Thank you Linda. I will miss creating the posts and adding information to the site. It is my hope that it will be continued. Thank you for the kind words. ~Susan

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