Oakhill Cemetery Plot Map

This is a map of the Oakhill Cemetery in Millbersburg, Ohio.   There are 12 sections.  The sections are marked as you enter the cemetery from Port Washington Road.  The number of the stones start with the first stone closest to Port Washington in each section.

This map is for library use and is not an official map of the cemetery.

Oak Hill Cemetery Plot Map

(This list is in the process of being updated daily until it is complete.)

Names starting with the following letters are on the corresponding pages.

Last Name              Pages

  1. A                         1-7
  2. B                         7-16
  3. C                         16-27
  4. D                         27-33
  5. E                         33-36
  6. F                         36-44
  7. G                        44-52
  8. H                         52-63
  9. I                          63-63
  10. J                          63-65
  11. K                         65-71
  12. L                          71-79
  13. M                        79-93
  14. N                         93-95
  15. O                         95-96
  16. P                         96-100
  17. Q
  18. R                          100-106
  19. S                           106-121
  20. T                          121-122
  21. U                          122-125
  22. V                          125-126
  23. W                         126-133
  24. X
  25. Y                          133-134
  26. Z                          134-13

2 Responses to Oakhill Cemetery Plot Map

  1. Debra Campbell says:

    Hello from Texas,Can you please tell me who maybe in my great grandmothers cemetery lot-south haif of lot#23 range 10 in Holmes County,near the town of Millersburg “MILLERSBURG CEMETERY”. I have her certificate of ownership papers dated 4-20-1895. She(Paulina Brownsberger ) her burial is in the Massillon cemetery with my great grandfather Joseph Brownsberger. I am unable to find info. on line. Thank you. DEBRA CAMPBELL IN HOUSTON

    • scorl says:

      Hello, Debra,

      I’m not sure I understand what you want. Did your grandmother purchase the land and you want evidence of that?

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