Killbuck Township

Holmes County, Killbuck Township

It’s unclear how Killbuck Township and the main village received their names, but according to the book “Holmes County Ohio to 1985″ it has its roots in local legend. The story goes that Abraham Shrimplin, one of the founding members of Killbuck, shot a deer located on the other side of the Killbuck River (as it was then called). The shot crossed the water twice at a location known as the “Double 2” – a nearly impossible feat – and struck the deer. Local Indians happen to see this shot and shouted “Kill ‘Um Buck!”. They “proclaimed Shrimplin the ‘Great White Hunter’”.

More information about Killbuck Township and the Village of Killbuck can be found on pages 185-187 in the book “Holmes County Ohio to 1985″ (c) 1985 by the Holmes County History Book Committee. The book is located in the Local History and Genealogy Room at the Central Library in Millersburg.

Killbuck Township Cemeteries