Berlin Township Cemetery

The Berlin Township Cemetery is located off of Edgar Street near the western end of Berlin.  Just look for the blue water tower as your guide.





Map to Berlin Township Cemetery

Tombstone Inscriptions

Berlin Township Cemetery

Correction:  Minerva Boyd died in 1858 not 1958

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  1. I wrote yesterday to see if anyone had information about the Bunker Hill Dunkard Church or Bunker Hill Cemetery. I
    would be particularly interested to know if there are any pictures (photos or woodcuts) of the church.

    Below is a page I created for Levi Stahl, who is buried in the cemetery, and built the Bunker Hill Church:

    Hello, William,

    Thank you for the link to your biography of Levi Stahl.

    You should find the response to your earlier comment posted as a reply to your comment. The Bunker Hill Cemetery is in Berlin Township.

    We have a notebook with old schools and churches, but the Bunker Hill Church is not shown. Perhaps, the historical society might have a picture. You can find them at


  2. Shirley Boyd says:

    The death date of Minerva Boyd should be 1858. She and her brother died the same year.

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