Moses Coblentz Farm Cemetery

Moses Coblentz

The Moses Coblentz Farm Cemetery is directly behind Holmes Lumber on SR 39.  The coordinates are 40.553676, -81.843434.  You can see it on Google Maps HERE.  The day I visited was a beautiful spring day, with only a couple of difficulties.  One was the traffic from the fire in the business across the street.  It was a small fire, and no one was injured, but it caused me to miss the entrance.  The other was actually finding the place.  You have to drive into Holmes Lumber and go through to the back to visit the cemetery.  Once I found it, I enjoyed photographing the stones.  You can see them on Find a Grave.

This is the view of the Coblentz farm over the hill.

Moses Coblentz Cemetery

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Looking for Farm Cemeteries?

buggypanoWe have many farm cemeteries listed on our site, particularly in Berlin and Walnut Creek townships. Keep in mind, however, that many of these cemeteries were recorded several years ago and may now be part of the landscape.  Also, keep in mind that some of the cemeteries are still on private land.  Many people will allow you to visit the cemeteries, but be respectful of the properties and seek permission before entering.  Most people, I’ve found, will take you to the cemeteries on their land if you are kind and respectful.  If they choose not to, thank them for their time and carry on.

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Undertakers Open for Business ~ Farmer Hub Ads 5/25/1899

hearse 2

hearse 1

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Bucket List Cemeteries

The Merry Cemetery in Romania.                                     Zorgvlied Cemetery in Amsterdam

Learn about Romania, Amsterdam and many other countries at AtoZ The World.

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Cemetery Signs


We have placed signs in the cemeteries that we have videotaped.  This one is in Shrimplin Cemetery.  You can scan the QR code with your phone and view cemetery information while you visit.  Currently, signs are placed at  Berlin, Hopewell, Oakhill (Millersburg), Nashville, St. Genevieve (Calmoutier), St. John’s in Walnut Creek,  Sts. Peter and Paul, and  Shrimplin.

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