Salem Cemetery Pine Tree Fallen

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Temple Cemetery

Temple Cemetery picI visited Temple Cemetery in Monroe Township on this frigid December day.  The cemetery is old and fairly small.  I took this picture from my car. There is a flat, grassy area where you can park if there is no snow.  If there had been any amount of snow or if it was very muddy, I would not have parked in the grass.

The cemetery is located on CR 51 in Monroe Township.  The coordinates are 40.591416, -82.062728.

Google Map

Many of the stones are old and difficult to read.  You can view them at Find a Grave.

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Grave Stone Rubbing and Photos

ShrimplinWe received an email from a viewer of our Shrimplin Cemetery video on the site Exploring Almost Forgotten Gravesites in Ohio He offered some suggestions about the proper way to acquire a grave stone memorial or grave stone rubbing.

We agree that you must be respectful of the stones by assessing the condition and making sure you are completely prepared to conduct a proper grave stone rubbing. Also, it is good practice to inquire about the cemetery rules for doing rubbings. Stone rubbings can be quite beautiful and a good addition to the family genealogy. It important to be smart about how you do it.

This is what our viewer says:

The oldest stones in Ohio are often sandstone and with their age and weathering, they are easily damaged beyond repair. In subsequent years, limestone was used as grave markers, and it too is highly susceptible damage. As rail lines were built, granite followed as a preferred stone for grave markers and would be much safer for rubbings, but if you would look closely at many granite stones, you will see deterioration of the edges of the etchings of the transcriptions. Acid rain causes grave stones to deteriorate much quicker than common sense and causal observation would dictate.

I think carefully staged photographs – good lighting or a splash of water – do a better job of recording the information on grave markers and avoid any potential for damage. I believe this is a consensus view among grave stone preservation specialists.

Here is the book he recommends:

Book Cover

Click the Picture for Full Description










We would like to thank our view for the stone rubbing information. And remember to always be respectful when you are visiting the cemeteries.

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Gospel Haven Mennonite Church Cemetery

ghGospel Haven Mennonite Church is located on SR 241 in Benton, Ohio.  Click HERE to see it on Google Maps.

The coordinates are 40.601438, -81.850033

There is a very tiny cemetery behind the church.  Pictures of the stones can be seen on Find a Grave.

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Arnold Cemetery

Cemetery gate

Gate at the Arnold Cemetery

Arnold Cemetery (aka St John’s Cemetery) is in a serene location of TR 362, where TR 618 intersects it.  The Amish Spring Meadow School is located across the street.

Coordinates: 40.612879, -81.799537

I visited this cemetery on a gorgeous fall day in September.  The leaves were just starting to turn, and there was a slight crispness in the air.  The children in Spring Meadow School were out playing baseball.

across the street

Where 618 meets 362

You can find the stone pictures on Find a Grave.

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