SS Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery

October 30, 2014 003Perched on a small knoll overlooking the quaint little village of Glenmont sits SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church and cemetery. Built in 1857 from sandstone quarried from nearby Briar Hill Stone Company, the church was originally hexagonal in shape. Sometime around the turn of the 20th century the roof was raised and the building squared to its current shape. A keystone with the date “1907” suggests that the vestibule was added at that time.

Father Heimo, a French priest who served at SS Peter & Paul, is buried in the cemetery.

Father Heimo, a French priest who served at SS Peter & Paul, is buried in the cemetery.

Those buried in the cemetery are from many of the founding families who helped build the church. Dete, Guenther, Drouhard and Grassbaugh are but a few of the names you’ll find inscribed on the tombstones.







Grotto of the Virgin Mary

Grotto of the Virgin Mary

A grotto, in honor of the Virgin Mary, was constructed around 1932. Located over the hill from the church, local quarried sandstone was used to build the steps to reach the grotto. Sometime in the late 1990s, the grotto was moved to its current location near the cemetery to make for easier access.

However, before SS Peter and Paul was built, an even older Catholic church was established and named St. Joseph. Situated on one-half acre of land, all that remains of the log church is the stone foundation and a few scattered tombstones of early parishioners. The site is located about 3 miles southwest of Glenmont and is considered to be the first Catholic Church in Holmes County. A marker on the property notes the church’s history.

You can read more about St. Joseph Catholic Church Holmes County.

Below is a video we recorded while visiting St. Joseph’s:

Tombstone Transcriptions

SS Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery – Glenmont OH

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