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Berlin Cemetery

Berlin is not a very large cemetery, but it may be easy to miss. Look for the Berlin watertower and go in that direction. The cemetery is near it.

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Church of Christ Cemetery Glenmont

This cemetery is behind the Church of God in Glenmont.

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Glenmont Catholic

This cemetery is behind SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.

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Millersburg City Park

There is one grave placed in the park in Millersburg behind the Court House. Peter Myers is buried there. He was a war hero in three wars.

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Monroe Lutheran Cemetery

Monroe Lutheran Cemetery is located in Monroe Township.

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OakHill Millersburg Cemetery

OakHill Cemetery is located in Millersburg.

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Salem Cemetery

Salem Cemetery is in Saltillo. This is where the headless angel or the Angel of Death resides.

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Shrimplin Cemetery

Shrimplin is a small cemetery near Killbuck. It contains the founding members of Killbuck.

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St. John's Cemetery Walnut Creek

This cemetery is located next to Coblantz Chocolates. You can munch on chocolates while you search for your ancestors.

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Sunnyside Glenmont Cemetery

Sunnyside is a small cemetery outside of Glenmont. It is on a hillside behind some houses.

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Walnut Creek Mennonite Cemetery

The Mennonite cemetery is behind the Mennonite church off of SR 39 going east out of town. There is no sign for this cemetery.

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Winesburg Old Cemetery

This is a small cemetery behind the Zion Reformed Church in Winesburg.

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9 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Mr. Page Dew says:

    I am looking for a gravesite or any information I can find on a Mr. Stiffler, possibly Harry or Henry, who was married to Mary Nugent. I believe he died between 1850 and 1856 in Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio. Mary Nugent Stiffler, her young daughter Rachel Jennie Stiffler, Aaron S. Nugent, her father, her mother, Nancy Mathews Nugent and Mary’s sibblings moved to LeClaire, Iowa around 1856. Thank you in advance and thank you for your good work for others.


    Mr. Page Dew

    • mskolmutch says:


      In the Holmes County Cemetery Book there is a Henry Stiffler buried in the Fryburg Cemetery located in Salt Creek Township in Holmes County.

      Below is information as it appears in the book. It seems that the individuals below may have been buried next to each other:

      Stiffler, Michael d. Sept. 17, 1868, 78 yr 4-13 (4 months and 13 days?)
      wife Rachael d Mch 20, 1871, 80 yrs.
      John d Apr. 11, 1861, 51 yr, 10-22
      George W 1855-1927
      Desmond B 1881 – 19– w Esta E. 1885 – 1958
      Henry d. Aug. 13, 1851, 29 yr. 4-16 (which may mean 4 months and 16 days)
      H & M son David d Dec 10, 1851, 5 yr, 3 mo.

      We hope you find this information helpful.

      The Holmes County Library Ladies.

      • Mr. Page Dew says:

        Thanks for the new information on Henry Stiffler. I believe he is the person I am looking for, but I will continue to assemble information to make sure I am right.

  2. Mr. Page Dew says:

    Is the name of the wife of Michael Stiffler spelled “Rachael” or “Rachel”?


  3. mskolmutch says:

    The Holmes County Cemetery Book has it spelled “Rachael”.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Diana Knain says:

    I am looking for the Longnecker cemetery located in Holmes County, Ohio. My research for John Barkey and Susanna Buzzard has led me to Ohio.
    John was born Aug 25, 1781 in Bucks County, PA
    Susanna Buzzard March 15, 1790 also Bucks County, PA
    I believe they were married in PA
    Both of them died in Winesberg, OH
    John on Oct 30, 1860 and Susanna on June 2, 1863
    I am looking to confirm my research and any other information you may have on John and Susanna. I would be happy to pay a research fee if one is applicable or make a donation to your library. Please advise.
    Warm regards,
    Diana Knain

  5. Debra Williams says:

    I’m trying to locate the gravesite of my grt. grt. grandparents Ulrich & Katarina Kaufman. There could be varied spellings of Katarina or Kaufman. Ulrich was born 1823 switzerland and Katarinna 1822 Switzerland. I’ve seen articles stating that they lived in Killbuck at the time of their deaths. I’ve been unable to find a year of deaths or burial place. Could you please help. Have Ohio Family reunion coming on Aug. 4 2013 would love to take this info with me. My sister and I are going grave finding while there, she lives in New york, I live in Missouri. Anything would be very appreciated. Thank You Debra Kaufman-Williams

    • scorl says:

      Hi Debra,

      I could not find Ulrich nor Katarina in the cemetery and the obituary books. I did see him listed in the 1870 census as living in Monroe twp. at the age of 46.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t find any more information.


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