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Undertakers Open for Business ~ Farmer Hub Ads 5/25/1899

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The Case of the Wayward Radishes

It was talked around all summer that someone had planted radish seed on Mr. and Mrs. Harbaugh’s graves at Oak Hill burying grounds, just to disgrace them. Click on the link below to find out why someone wanted to disgrace … Continue reading

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Oak Hill Cemetery Man-Made Prehistoric Mound Declared Historic Site

The Grave Ladies recently discovered an article in the November 19, 2011 issue of the Wooster Daily Record that stated the hill which the platform is situated on at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Millersburg has been declared an historic … Continue reading

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Oak Hill Cemetery Part 3 is Complete!

The third and final video for Oak Hill Cemetery in Millersburg is complete and can be found by clicking the Oak Hill Cemetery page. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Grave Adventures as we’ve explored the lives of some of the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Holmes County Cemeteries website, home of the Grave Adventures of the Holmes County Library Ladies!  This website is designed to provide the genealogy and local history enthusiast with information about Holmes County cemeteries and the prominent citizens … Continue reading

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