Salt Creek Township

Holmes County, Salt Creek TownshipSaltcreek Township is located on the northern border of Holmes County.  The Greenville Treaty line runs diagonally through the township.  This township was first settled by Pennsylvanians and Germans.  In the mid 1830’s, French Catholics settled the community of Calmoutier.  There is some information about this community on our genealogy site.

Source: Holmes County Heirs, May/June 1989

Salt Creek Township Cemeteries

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  1. Connie Spindel says:

    I am trying to locate the gravesite (obit etc) of Wilson Robinson (aka Robison, Robertson) and his wife Sidna/Sidney. Wilson died abt 1869 and Sidna abt 1882. They were long time residents of Salt Creek Twp.
    I’m in hopes this information can lead me to discover if this family unit were related to James Rob*son who was a Salt Creek Twp. resident from 1816-1869. 1870 James went to live with his daughter in Monroe Twp., Richland Co – and died there Jul 7, 1871. I have yet to locate his grave (obit etc)
    Another surname entwined with the family in Salt Creek is Query. I thought to mention in case you happen across it…
    Thanks in advance of any help you might offer 🙂

    • mskolmutch says:

      Hi Connie,

      Thanks for your inquiry. The reference department checked our obit index at and didn’t find any listings for the names given. They also looked through the Holmes County cemetery book and did not find any listings for those names. They did check and found a listing for an obit for Wilson Robertson DOB: 1841, DOD: 1882 , born in Holmes Co, buried in East Cemetery in Salt Creek Township, Fredericksburg, Wayne County. You can obtain that obit by contacting the Wayne County Library at

      We hope the above information is helpful!


  2. Buddy Wiegand says:

    Hi, I am trying to determine what is the Yoder Cemetery in the Salt Creek Township. I don’t see one shown on your site and there is none listed in the Cemetery Directory of the Amish Community by Leroy Beachy.
    Thanks for your help you really have a great site.

  3. Sarah Reed says:

    Hello, I am looking for the location of three graves, possibly a fourth for my Hinkle known and probable ancestors in the Fryburg cemetery. 1) William Hinkle (abt. 1820-1905), and his wife Rebecca are known ancestors. I am also interested in any burial records that you may have for William, that might help me more positively ID his parents–I believe it may be John and Susan Hinkle… 2) John Hinkle (possible father for William) born 1795, son of John Peter Hinkle, and his wife Susan are not known to be in Fryburg cemetery; but I’ve not found them anywhere else yet. 3) John Peter Hinkle 1770 – 1843, and 4) his wife Magdalena 1770 – 1841 are known to be in Fryburg. Information on their location so that I might visit, and any burial record information you might have would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

    • scorl says:

      Hi, Sarah.

      We only have a record of William and Rebecca in the Fryburg Cemetery. I couldn’t find John and Susan. We do not have burial records at the library, you might want to contact the Millersburg Village office at 330-674-1886.

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