Lunch and a Cemetery–Christy Chapel

Lunch today was Subway veggie sandwich and yogurt, and the song is Cold as Ice by Foreigner.  Good song to cool us off before the rains come.  The drive to the Christy Chapel Cemetery is a little difficult.  I went down Airport road to CR 400.  That was definitely not the best way.  I didn’t realize that 400 runs into 39.  So, I think the better way would be to go west on SR 39 to CR 400 and turn left.  The cemetery is shortly after you cross township road 301.

The coordinates are 40.542499, -81.993767

You have to go very slowly and watch carefully on the right for these signs.  It would be helpful if you have someone with you to watch.  You can drive up the hill to the cemetery, but I chose to walk because I wasn’t sure my Honda would make it up there. The lady who lives in the house next door said that the Christy Chapel used to be in the spot where her garage is located now (pictured below.)  She also mentioned that the former caretaker threw some of the gravestones in the woods next to the cemetery because he didn’t want to mow around them! YIKES!   See more of the Christy Chapel pictures on Flickr

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