Wolgamott Cemetery


You will see different spellings of this cemetery, but this is the spelling that I have seen most often.  It is a tiny cemetery on CR 235 just off the side of the road.  There is no room to park, and I would not advise parking near the road.  I parked at the end of a drive at a farm house nearby.  I tried to find someone, but no one answered the door.  I hope it was okay to park there : /  The cemetery is so small that it only took me a few minutes to snap all of the pics, and I was on my way.

The coordinates are 40.634090, -81.812627

The stone pictures can be found on Find a Grave.

Most of the stones are in bad shape and hard to read, and the land is a little unstable.  Here is a pic of a stone hiding in a bush.



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