In Search of Saltillo Cemetery

Angel of DeathThe Holmes County Library Ladies thought it would be a quick and simple reconnaissance mission – find Saltillo Cemetery, home of the infamous Death Angel statue, but it quickly turned into a comedy of errors that even Shakespeare couldn’t have written.  Here’s how our adventure played out:

  • Used vague directions from the Internet without first double-checking the source. (First big mistake – librarians ALWAYS double check their sources.)
  • Found ourselves lost near Charm.
  • Asked nice Amish lady for directions to Saltillo.
  • Still lost
  • Asked nice farmer for directions to Saltillo Cemetery. Gave us very detailed directions. Thanked nice farmer and moved on.
  • Susan: “Did you get all that Michele?” Michele: “Uh, no. He lost me after he mentioned the second turn.” (Second big mistake – Note to self – always carry notepad and pencil.)
  • Still lost.
  • Quick look at the gas tank reveals we’re nearly on empty. Still no sign of cemetery. (Third big mistake – when scouting for cemeteries on back country roads – always make sure the gas tank is full!)
  • Decide to head back to town for gas.
  • Wishing we would have thought to bring a map. (Fourth big mistake – always carry a county map when scouting for cemeteries.)
  • Gas tank filled.
  • Discovered map in glove compartment.
  • Found cemetery – finally!

Success at last! The Library Ladies found the elusive cemetery only to discover that its real name is Salem Cemetery. (Which may explain the strange looks we received when asking where “Saltillo Cemetery” was located).

What a beautiful old cemetery it is, perched high upon a hill overlooking the valley below.   Did we find the headless Death Angel? Oh yes! What else did we find, you ask? You’ll need to stay tuned to future episodes of the Grave Adventures of the Holmes County Library Ladies to find out! Until then, take a peek at our photo gallery below of Salem Cemetery located in Mechanic Township.

[nggallery id=7]
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2 Responses to In Search of Saltillo Cemetery

  1. Susie Estill says:

    On “Graduation Eve” a couple car loads and a jeepful of soon-to-be-graduates from the WHHS Class of ’76 went to visit the Angel–not sure when it got ‘Death’ added–at the Salem Cemetery near Saltillo in Mechanic Township. It was an historic evening to be sure!

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