Lunch and a Cemetery Wandering Around Glenmont

Sunnyside Cemetery viewSince Glenmont is near my house, I ate some leftover gluten-free spinach spaghetti at home and drove west on CR 520 listening to Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer.  When driving to this cemetery, look for the Glenmont sign.  Sunnyside Cemetery is located behind a house on the north side of the road.  Here are the coordinates.

40.519811, Longitude: -82.083216

I took a picture for a Find a Grave request, but I didn’t take any more because it started to rain pretty hard.  So, I drove a little further southwest to look for the Barnes and Purdy cemeteries.  I believe both are no longer active cemeteries and some of the graves have been moved to the Union Grove Cemetery, but I thought I’d look for them anyway.   As I suspected, I did not locate the Barnes and Purdy cemeteries, but I did find the Union Grove Cemetery.

Union Grove sign

The coordinates for this cemetery are Latitude: 40.476656, Longitude: -82.115046.

It was a nice, well kept church cemetery on CR 25, north of Stillwell.  I took a round about way because I was coming from Glenmont, but a better way would be to travel SR 62 to CR 25 and travel north and then east until you see the Union Grove Church sign.

Since it was raining very hard today, I will have to return to these cemeteries to take more pictures at another time.

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