Bucks for Books

Q: What is Bucks for Books?
Bucks for Books
A:  Bucks for Books is a fund-raising campaign created to purchase new books for the Holmes County District Public Library which includes the Central Library, East Branch and the bookmobiles.

Q: Is this donation tax-deductible?

A:  Yes, all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Q: May I write a check or use my credit card?

A:  Checks are accepted and should be made payable to Holmes County District Public Library. We do not yet accept credit cards at the library.

Q: Can I make a donation in memory or honor of someone?

A:  Yes, we welcome Bucks for Books donations in memory or honor of a special person. When you make your donation, please write a note to designate in whose memory the gift is being given. An acknowledgement form and receipt will be mailed to you.

Q: Can we donate books?

A:  While the library welcomes book donations, they are not accepted for Bucks for Books. The Library receives discounts on the books it purchases and can therefore make money go further than book donations.

Q: Can we donate to a specific branch?

A:  Because all books are available to every Holmes County District Public Library patron, all donations received will benefit the entire library system, including your local library or bookmobile.

Q: Can we donate for a specific collection of books (i.e. children’s, large print)?

A:  As with the question above, all donations will be used for the Holmes County District Public Library’s entire book collection, benefiting all customers regardless of age or interests.

Bucks for Books Online Donation Form