Outreach and Homebound Services


The Holmes County District Public Library is committed to providing library materials and information to all residents of its service area. Delivery of library materials to residents who are unable to visit a fixed facility due to illness, disability, lack of transportation, or care-giving to a person needing continuous care is a part of that commitment.

Library staff members provide that delivery service on a 4-6 week schedule. Residents receive materials on a regularly scheduled basis.

Homebound service may be discontinued or modified for safety reasons. Service may also be discontinued if the purpose for the service is not being met.


To be eligible for home delivery of library materials, a patron must:

1. Reside in Holmes County and

2. Be unable to get to a fixed library facility due to health or lack of transportation.

3. Be a caregiver to a person requiring continuous care.

Service is either temporary or permanent depending on patron wishes.

Institutions and senior centers within the county boundaries are eligible to receive delivery of library materials. Institutions include, but are not limited to nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals, correction facilities, and assisted living centers.


Patrons who receive materials through the Outreach Home Delivery Services may borrow any circulating items. All items, including audio and videotapes, are charged out for 42 days. If at all possible, items should be reserved from the HCO collections. Items from SEO may be used as needed, but not as an advertised part of the service.

Institutions may borrow any circulating items as per the Institution Policy. Deposit collections are charged out for 42 days and are delivered by library staff via the bookmobile.

Individuals residing in nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living centers qualify for individual home delivery service in addition to deposit collections left at the facility.

There are no fines on home delivered items. Library staff will set up routes for delivery. Patrons may call to place holds for specific items to be delivered on their next route date. Popular items may not be available immediately, but the patron’s request will be placed in the system holds list. Items can be renewed if there are no outstanding requests.

Homebound Services

Reaching out to those who can’t reach us.

Holmes County District Public Library offers free delivery of materials to persons of any age who are residents of Holmes County.

We deliver to those who are physically unable to visit the library, including the elderly, the disabled, and those who are temporarily confined to their home or care facility due to illness, injury or disability.

Books can be provided as ordinary print, large print, or on CD.  We also bring music, movies and magazines.

If you have any questions about our free homebound service or would like to receive this service, please call 330-674-5972 ext. 212 or fill out the attached form and mail it to the library.

Homebound Services Form