Lunch and a Cemetery Goes to Trail Swiss Cemetery

I would like to confirm that I, in fact, am crazy.  The day was rainy and cold, but I still went out to find a cemetery.  Armed with a Subway sandwich and listening to The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, I forged on to the little cemetery in Trail, Walnut Creek Township.  I traveled SR 515 to CR 168.  If you get on 515 in Walnut Creek, you can stop at Rebecca’s Bistro or  Der Dutchman for lunch and top it off at Coblentz Chocolate Company.  After all, you need your strength to walk around the cemetery.

Be careful; 168 comes up very quickly on the right.  It is right after The Amish Home Tour going north and Trail going south.  The cemetery is in the fork of 168 and 419.  Also, be careful when coming out.  There is a blind spot on the south side of the road.

The coordinates of this cemetery are 40.577573, -81.707872

The cemetery is very small and is directly next to the church.  Some of the grave stones are hard to read and lean over.  There are several stones just stacked up at the edge of the cemetery.  This is fairly common in cemeteries.  If the stones get moved for some reason or broken and they don’t know where to return them, they will stack the stones somewhere nearby.  You can also see how small the cemetery is from the photo below.

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