Lunch and a Cemetery–Uhl Family Cemetery

Lunch today is Morning Star veggie “chicken” patty with collard greens.  That’s all I had in my fridge, so I’ll have to eat it before I leave.  Peter Frampton’s Do You Feel Like We Do played all the way from the library to the cemetery. : ) The weather has gotten a little cooler, so walking the cemetery isn’t so bad.  It took me a while to find it.  It is located on Township Road 305, south of State Route 39.  Thanks to the guy at Dick’s Plumbing next door; I got to the cemetery.

The coordinates are 40.530626, -81.933778

The father of the lady who owns the house (both relatives of the folks buried in the cemetery) met me at the cemetery and told me that not everyone buried in the cemetery has a headstone.  Since this was a very small cemetery, I took pictures of all of the headstones.  It is on private property, so you will want to get permission to view it. Call 330-763-4781 

You can view all of the headstones on Flickr

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