Strategic Planning Retreat

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Hello, this is Arlene Radden, Director of the Holmes County District Public Library for The Voice of Holmes

This last week, the Board of Trustees, The Administrative Team and two Friends of the Library will participate in a Strategic Planning Retreat to talk about the future of the library for the next three years.

Every 3 years we undertake this process to review where we have been, our current status and what the future of the library will look like.

This year was a special challenge because of our ongoing financial crisis. We had to look at all of our options for continuing to provide the best library service possible given our current circumstances.

We spent the day brainstorming ideas and possibilities for how to deliver library service to the county.

After our discussions, the administrative team will then go to work on creating an action plan to reach the goals that have been set.

This is a very time intensive process, but it helps us to be focused and to concentrate our efforts on what the group sees as priorities.

We have used this process for many years and we believe it has helped our organization to grow and to be the best we can be. By sticking to your goals, no matter what, you are assured that you are heading in the right direction, even if it might take longer to get there than you first anticipated.

Each department head is responsible for drafting the goals and objectives for his or her area of specialty. Whether it is reference services, technology, children’s services, the branches or the bookmobile, each team decides how best to reach their goals each year.

The three year plan is then broken down into a yearly plan with a timeline for each action so that progress can be tracked.

Many times we use this planning time to look at staffing issues, and our policies and procedures. We also look at all of the services we provide and try to decide what we might need to drop; what needs added or changed. This helps us to focus on what our patrons want and need from us on a daily basis.

Since we are all about services to our patrons, the retreat’s main focus was on how we can continue to serve all ages with library services they need and want.

I think every organization benefits from taking the time to look back at what has been accomplished and what the future will look like.

Once our plan is drafted, we usually make it public on our website.

For more information about the library, please log on to our website @

Thanks for listening. This has been Arlene Radden, Director of the Holmes County District Public Library for The voice of Holmes